Actor's Theatre of Charlotte Actor's Theatre of Charlotte The stage 195141144 Before the lights went on. 195141145 Kayla Carter (playing Mary Christopher) and Matt Cosper (playing Javier Cintron) 195141146 Kayla and Matt 195141147 Jeremy DeCarlos (playing Edward Christopher) 195141148 Jeremy 195141149 Polly Adkins (playing Sister Alice/Ruthie) and Tommy Foster (playing Father Schroeder/Roger) 195141150 Polly and Tommy 195141151 Kayla 195141152 Kayla 195141153 Kayla and Matt 195141154 Matt and Kayla 195141155 Jonavan Adams (playing Whitney Deeler) and Jeremy DeCarlos 195141157 Jeremy DeCarlos 195141158 Jeremy 195141159